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At CRG Properties we pride ourselves of being investors first, client’s second and property managers third.  While this might sounds strange coming from your property manager, we’re confident you’ll welcome our service once you understand why.

As investors, we’re always looking for deals.  We believe in having a solid real estate portfolio that our families can live comfortably off of.  A portfolio that can be transferred sold or passed along as inheritance.  We’ve yet to meet someone of sound mind that can argue against the benefits of long term holding.  There are naysayers and there are bad deals, but overall you can’t go wrong with a good piece of real estate.

As clients, we want the very best for our real estate investments.  We understand a successful property takes buying the right property, but is not limited to it.  We also need good tenants and a good manager.  We’ve all managed or attempted to manage our own properties and realize the difficulty when it’s your own.  Keeping a professional relationship when it’s your own property can cause challenges and cost you more in the long run.  You may have the best systems in place, but when those wonderful or not so wonderful tenants start asking for things we tend to cave and say yes out of fear or lack of understanding how to handle it.  In our experience this is less likely to happen with a property manager.  As a result, some of our own staff lets other members in our company manage their properties.

As properties managers, we’ve tried to take the very best from our experiences and pass them along to our clients at a cost that still makes sense.  There does come a point when the value of an experience team makes too much sense.  We feel with our collective experience and simplified systems we’ve been able to create an opportunity that’s too good for our fellow investors to pass up.

As we mentioned above, we are property managers, but we’re investors first for a good reason.   As peers with a little more experience in managing than you may have, we look forward to the opportunity of making your investment a successful one.

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